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What Type Of CBD Oil Should I Be Looking For

Like most other things in life, not all CBD oil is created equally. So when you’re looking for your CBD fix for whatever your ailment may be, Curtis Pharmacy has a few tips for you on the search.

The New (Over) Abundance of CBD

CBD Oil has quickly emerged from shadows of a taboo quasi-illegal drug product to the center spotlight of modern progressive supplement healthcare. What used to be a highly-regulated substance is now available over the counter at your local pharmacy.

But as regulations continue to rollback, CBD has become more ubiquitous in the market. Online markets, vape shops, gyms and convenience stores might offer the specialized substance. This sort of market dilution almost always leads to inconsistency and lack of quality among products. So before you purchase that jar at your local corner vape shop, you should ask yourself, “what am I actually getting here?”

The Concentration of Your CBD Oil And Why It’s Important

Whether it’s in a capsule or bottle, your oil will have different types of potency, which you can find on the packaging. You should pay attention to the percentages (4%, 10%), or the mg amounts (250mg, 1,000mg, etc.). But what do these mean?

If you’re a first-time user of CBD oil, you don’t want to start with a higher concentration. Use a low dosage and then gradually increase your dosage. You also might want to consider the cost per dose. We get what we pay for, and CBD oil is no different. Higher quality and concentrations often have larger sticker prices. Be leery of any CBD oil at your local convenience story with a price point that is “too good to be true.” — it probably is.

CBD Oil Delivery Methods

The most popular CBD delivery methods are dropper bottle (sublingual) and capsule delivery. While these may have the same ingredients, the effects, access and convenience vary from person to person. Many brands also offer vapes, topical lotions, tinctures, and sprays. This can be confusing to customers wondering which delivery method is most effective. A few notes on delivery methods:

  • Some suggest orally ingesting CBD oil can lead to a delayed effect and uneven absorption.
  • If you are using CBD oil for joint pain or swelling, using a topical lotion in a concentrated area of your body may be right for you.
  • Using the droplets can be confusing to older patients, as you don’t want to swallow CBD oil immediately.
  • Capsules may be great for older patients that already have a pill box. If you have a loved one that takes multiple prescriptions daily, CBD oil in capsule form may be the easiest for a consistent dosage.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s portable, convenient, and low in dosage, CBD spray might be your best choice!

Trust A Pharmacist at Curtis!

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