Rx Synchronization: One day…One way!

Did you know about 75% of adults age 40 and older that have a chronic condition admit they skipped or missed a dose in the last 12 months?*

Would you like to receive your prescriptions on the same convenient day? Curtis can make it happen! Our pharmacists work with YOU to combine and implement each of your programs into one easy transaction per month!

“Rx sync” can save patients time (and gas) should they only need to visit the pharmacy once a month – or not at all if they sign up for our delivery service! It can also help improve adherence when a structured, organized monthly plan is implemented. If you are new to chronic drug therapy, or a caretaker of a loved one that needs multiple medications, this plan could be for you.

Your Curtis Pharmacist will:

  • Review all your medicines
  • Make any necessary changes
  • Proactively refill all medications for you

Many larger pharmacies struggle to operationalize Rx sync due to high volume. But Curtis Pharmacy has found A BETTER WAY to save patient time in the community, while allowing our pharmacists to focus on additional patient care services.

Approximately 69 million Americans take three or more prescriptions per month. Many consumers have attributed missing doses to medication by forgetting to refill their prescription. Additionally, missed/skipped doses cause 125,000 deaths per year and account for 10-25% of hospital and nursing home admissions.*

The benefits of Rx sync include:

  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • An opportunity to discuss any questions about your medication with your pharmacist once a month
  • Relieved worries about missed refills or running out of medication

Implementation of most Rx sync programs requires short fills to align each plan. Not to worry – Medicare Part D plan sponsors are required to offer prorated copayments for short fills that initialize synchronization. It’s easy, and no extra cost. Patients in Rx sync programs are 3 to 6 times more likely to stay on their medications.*

Our value to you and good health care starts with knowledge and communication. We will carefully examine your profile and then lay out the steps to make it easy for you. We believe that’s how a neighborhood pharmacy should serve its customers.

Curtis Pharmacy provides a better way. Come see for yourself!


*APhA Foundation