Are Your Copays Increasing? Get A FREE Consultation

Have you received a call or a letter in the mail from your insurance company lately? If so, don’t ignore it. You may attend your next doctor visit and find there’s a surprise for you: a higher copay. What does this mean? It depends. But here at Curtis, we can offer you FREE consultations on copay increases.

Do You Have A Chronic Condition?

A health insurance copayment is the fixed amount you pay for each physician or specialist visit after your deductible. You can often find these printed on your insurance card. Because of the nature of each visit requiring a copayment, people with chronic conditions will pay the most. Often times, copays can be as low as $5, or as high as hundreds of dollars for emergency room visits.

The goal of a copay is to save insurance companies money by reducing utilization. This is helpful for those who might feel the need to visit a physician or specialist for any perceived aliment they see fit. But where this backfires is high-value preventive care – people who are actually in need of prescriptions and consultations for serious conditions on a regular basis.

The negative effects on people needing high-value preventive care are realized when someone who can’t afford their monthly out-of-pocket medical expenses skip visits or refills for cost-cutting procedures.

Typically, the higher a copay, the lower your deductible and vice-versa. But that isn’t always the case. Regardless, you should always check how an increase, or decrease, in copay relates to your deductible.

Don’t let increased copays reduce you or your loved ones utilization, or leave you in the dark about a potential change in your deductible. Find A Better Way! Consult with Curtis Pharmacy today!

Potential Solutions For Increase in Copays

Rising copays don’t just affect consumers. Less utilization means a decrease in demand for manufacturers. To offset this issue and encourage patients to afford themselves the best care possible, some have implemented copay assistance programs, including cards or coupons to decrease amount consumers must pay each time they make an office visit.

New predatory insurance tactics such as copay accumulator adjustment programs are fighting back. These amendments in your policy might deny you copay assistance by refusing to count copay assistance toward your deductible.

Don’t find yourself a victim of this tactic. Understand your situation and act accordingly. If you have an increase in copays, call Curtis Pharmacy at (724) 209-1582 or visit our Washington or Claysville offices today for a FREE consultation!